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Seriously though, fedi was *built* by furries, trans and queer folk, disabled neurodivergent people.

This is *the reason* the culture here is what it is. Why CWs are a thing. Why image descriptions are a thing. Why privacy matters here. Why moderation tools not only exist, but are usable — and used.

If you had joined and asked yourself "wow, how come this place is so chill and kinda… nice?" — that's thanks to all the nice people from communities some people call "weird".

So #KeepFediWeird.

what if your instance hides public access to your local little timeline?

i.e., nothing is actually 'trending' for public viewers: no posts, no hashtags, no news—nothing to 'explore'.

what the fuck does the homepage even look like with the new layout changes??

no thx, i hate it..

so many linkedin type bios. dude i don't care about your job or fav programming language. there's millions of those guys

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oops.. i forget that i crosspost my public toots over to birdsite, so friends over there won't get the joke bc i use a different username.

ahaha brb deleting now :thisisfine:

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this is the v real & professional account of oscar-meyer wiener katt damon.

i've actually been playing on the switch a lot lately, particularly in handheld mode because it's snuggle-up-under-the-covers kind of weather & i don't want to leave my bed.

lulz :blobcatcoffee:

lately, my comfort game has been DQXI; i'm replaying it (the definitive edition this time) on the switch & it's been super chill.

why does ni no kuni have better creature design than fucking pokémon

When Andrew Lee bought (kinda?) Freenode and blew it up last year, I was surprised by how quickly one rich dude could tank a long-standing social network with an established community, and baffled why someone would spend so much money just to burn something down.

That was cute.

for real tho, i've *actually* stuck with the ukulele as my latest hobby.

i mean, i've only been playing for like three months everyday, but that's 2.5mo longer than i thought i'd last so yay me..

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a moment of silence for all the hobbies i've tried on, wore it for a couple of days, & then forgot about because my attention span can't keep up with the next shiny new thing.

leaves snacks on the porch for the new people

tried gum drop grapes & they almost taste like lychee, it’s so disorienting.

like now i just want to eat lychee, give me the real thing not these wannabe-lychee grapes.

I'm sad the button does not officially say 'TOOT!' anymore. so many new folks on here not getting that absolutely essential whimsy.

today's productivity is less than zero because listening to MIDNIGHTS while trying to get shit done was aslking for too much.

as if i’m browsing new games just to add it to my backlog—again, why am i doing this to myself?

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the nintendo eshop is a hot mess, why am i doing this to myself?

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