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is there anything worse than watching concert vids on ig stories?

app idea: status checks for which mcdonald’s locations have an actual working mcflurry machine.

one of these days i’ll be able to change the printer’s ink cartridges without getting ink all over myself.

makes smores over the open flame of a world on fire

Dear Linux desktop apps, you have full authorization to create a folder in my ~/.config directory, you are even invited to stuff your data in my ~/.local/share directory, and let's not forget about that ~/.cache y'all! Wunderbar! Much freedom!

So, now, please repeat after me:


Thank you kindly

i have just discovered an empty note in my phone simply titled, “h0rny”—& i’m not entirely sure what my intentions were for this???

Ok, I have gone through the mandatory period of questioning my skills, experience, and existence as well as quitting design altogether for the recommended checks notes 8 times.

I think I'm finally ready to redesign my personal site.

i’m seriously jealous of those who get to experience portal + portal 2 for the v first time now that it’s available on the switch.

the true indicator that i’m in my 30s now is that i will be doing nothing, literally nothing—& voila! random unexplained muscle pain.

Coolness is a legitimate reason to do a project.
Or at least, it has been the basis for all of my projects.

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i feel like i’ve been burnt out for the past ~5yrs & nothing has really changed, so i guess this is just my life now??

It cannot be stressed enough how often indie titles are simply outclassing triple-A titles regularly now. Of course, they don't have the glitz of whatever the latest graphic technology is, but in terms of gameplay mechanics and story, they are just superior.

Dead Cells, The Long Dark, Hades, Halcyon 6, Hyperlight Drifter, Stardew Valley, and even No Man's Sky are examples of how gaming innovation is almost exclusively coming from indie houses the gaming juggernauts continue to release remake after watered-down remake.

There are a few big-budget exceptions like the aforementioned Death Stranding, but they are so rare these days.

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my toxic gamer trait is buying and/or starting new games even though i haven’t finished the ones i’m already playing…

sorry not sorry infinite backlog of incomplete games 👀

still creating the fantasy in my head about what i should have said to the waiter 6mo ago on my birthday when he overheard us talking about dnd & he asked about my character & tried to encourage small talk but i'm such an awkward person & he was kinda cute & idk how do i interact with people anymore &—

i washed my hair and i feel like i need a week of rest

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