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i mean in europe, you can drive for like an hour in any direction & probably end up in another country.

here in ontario, canada, you can drive for 8hrs & still be on the fucking 401.

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i have family coming to visit from germany next month, & i’m helping my tita plan their holiday.

the problem: travel time—just driving to & from all the places they want to visit.

& while day trips seem like a great idea, travelling back & forth from a homebase to recharge before visiting the next place on the list…

i don’t think they realize how large canada is, & i’m only in ontario.

i have so many projects that i’m eager to start, but like i also just want to sit around, stare into the void, do nothing at all..

no, nancy from the ontario pc party;

doug ford *CANNOT* count on my support in the ontario election.

please stop spam texting me—how is this even legal??

i probably shouldn’t lie down after eating , & yet here we are—horizontally making bad decisions.

Timon and Pumbaa are like, what if Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dad?

also, my arm hairs are fucking glorious lol.

normalize arm hair plz & ty!!

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my cousin who is the same age as me just got engaged,

& here i am dipping french fries in a wendy’s 99¢ frosty..

spring (summer?) cleaning, so i’m just gonna go ahead & put myself in the trash…

meta/instagram really needs to stop suggesting that i should find more friends.

why is it even called may two-four weekend…

i think about this every may two-four weekend.

lololol my lips are currently a disturbingly red colour—
am i a vampire, did i just drink the blood of my enemies, u will never kno..

(actually, i just ate a cupcake with hot pink icing bc sugarrr)

all i want is a sunscreen / SPF moisturizer that doesn’t give this brown girl whiteface please & ty .

@kattdamon preferring the citrus notes of yellow legal pad....

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