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when you buy a social network and everyone leaves

forever elon

#feditips Depending on the rules of your instance you can post your butt and/or boobies on the fediverse and it's chill, it's not like insta where they delete your post for showing a nipple or whatever 🤷

it’s a beautiful day~!
goodbye touque, & hello bucket hat season!

Please don't email me on the weekend or the weekdays

i mean, i did just buy three bottles of wine from her, but please keep these compliments coming i need attention.

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the sales associate thinks i’m cute,
& honestly, same .

Good morning friends, hope you're all doing alright today. I'm sending good vibes your way, and a big 'fuck white supremacy and fuck capitalism and fuck the police', for good measure.

thirty, flirty, & thriving?
more like thirty, hurting, & crying.

using a tablespoon to stir my tea just feels so wrong.

Your unicode art italic/bold display name fucks screen readers up, so please use actual letters.

Because it is not nice when screen reader users have to listen to LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD C LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD A LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD D LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD X LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD D LATIN SMALL ITALIC BOLD R just for a single word as they scroll

if you are what you eat, then i am cadbury mini eggs.

what makes Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken so special is that it LOOKS like a regular Cute Girls Doing Cute Things series, complete with it being a school club, but then the actual series is 20 minutes of watching girls autistically infodump to each other about their passions

it’s 4AM. i can’t sleep.

so obviously i have the urge to completely revamp my portfolio.

clippy wouuld have been giving me a whole lecture about this rn.

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i have never been able to spell the word "seperate" correctly on the first try.

tysm spell check :blobcatcoffee:

also a valid question: am i hungry, or do i just feel like putting something in my mouth?

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