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bubble wrap is nice & everything, but like i got shit to do today but. pop pop pop.

got to facetime with fam in germany.

tita saw that i’m wearing a toque, & asked if it was still snowing here in canada (it’s not, 10°C actually).

lol i’m just wearing a toque bc i can’t be bothered to fix my hair anymore.

i need a paper guillotine; i need to slice stacks of paper for no reason at all except the asmr.

playing around with some personal branding designs, & i can't make up my gd mind.

i am my own worst client. i am a nightmare.

forgotten lukewarm coffee is the name of my new band, i've just decided. auditions tbd.

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today is brought to you by my chemical romance, & forgotten lukewarm coffee.

my toxic gamer trait is buying and/or starting new games even though i haven’t finished the ones i’m already playing…

sorry not sorry infinite backlog of incomplete games 👀

new pokémon scarlet/violet, but i literally just started playing shield…..

TIL that my oma has fb.
my 79yo grandmother is on social media.

meanwhile, her son (my dad) has never used social media & refers to it all as ‘the face books’…

why do i always feel super motivated to start a new project when i’m already preoccupied with something else??

but then when i go to start the new thing i just don’t because now i don’t feel like doing it anymore???

rinse & repeat.

i haven't shared much on social media lately, mostly because i feel a delicate pressure to post content™ : current projects, accomplishments, insightful opinions, etc..

but lol all you're gonna get from me rn is that i really want to take a nap.

okaaayy, i'm just going to preface this by saying that i have zero interest in league of legends: i know that it's a game, & that's about it. honestly, i was hesitant about the netflix show because LoL & all the dudebros i know that play…

but ARCANE is a god-tier work of art.

came for the animation style, stayed for the story, the action, the character development, the sisters—for jinx.

anyway, it's a fucking great show 10/10, much recommend. ty for coming to my TE d talk.

just got boosted.

i’m wearing:
- mask x2 (regular + mask with that stupid plastic face shield thing attached)
- my glasses
- a touque

& my ears are fucking killing me rn, they cannot handle this much pressure.

it’s literally christmas eve & it still doesn’t feel like christmas to me.

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