lololol my lips are currently a disturbingly red colour—
am i a vampire, did i just drink the blood of my enemies, u will never kno..

(actually, i just ate a cupcake with hot pink icing bc sugarrr)

@Sylvhem lol yess, alllll time—even as an adult reader, children’s books & young adult books are what i typically read the most.

@dexiheart oooh, i'll have to try this! bonus is that it's available in canada thru sephora 🙌


all i want is a sunscreen / SPF moisturizer that doesn’t give this brown girl whiteface please & ty .

@kattdamon preferring the citrus notes of yellow legal pad....

on the one hand, i want a blue streak in my hair

on the other hand, do i really want to be rebellious asian film character # 238?

good my lord, I prithee tarry and hear mine humble plaint... 


@dexiheart oh for sure, i’m *really* counting on that refund coming through; i definitely won’t be attending this year.

@tychi i’ve only attended 2018 & ‘19 (should have been ‘20 as well, but y’know), & it’s an *experience* lol

rumour has it, that if you’re able to snag a badge for even just one day, your chances of getting badges for the following yearss are much better..

but yeah, i just don’t want to go this year lol (💸✈️😷)

ffs i just did that thing of frantically looking for my glasses—mild panic where tf are my glasses, why did i even remove them i can’t see shit—only to hear them fall to floor because they were sitti g comfortably on top of my head..

forgot that i still had badges for san diego comic-con 2020, & i’m not entirely sure if my refund request made the deadline…

so i guess i’m going to SDCC this year?

all windowsills should be big enough to fit humans. why let cats have all the fun

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