free wifi: disconnected, unsecure.
me: disconnected, insecure.

I think trying to emulate Twitter, Insta, FB, etc is a core piece of the problem.

Yeah, making those experiences open source is a step in the right direction, but we need to reimagine the social media concept itself because those paradigms were normalized without our interests in mind.

It's past time to let those ideas go.

just started playing COZY GROVE.

& it is, indeed, cozy.

made myself a little blanket fort so now i am laying in it because i am an adult & it’s been a long week.

there is a strawberry seed stuck in the back of my throat, so i guess this is my life now.

ugh, the biggest downside to leaving the house at all is bumping into people i know.

honeslty, i miss going to school…

*still paying off student loan*


zoomers don't know what a file is...linux thinks everything is a file...can they get along??

@redeagle i don’t actually have a ukulele (yet), though am seriously considering learning to play.

just trying to decide if this is one of my usual “try-a-new-hobby-and-give-up-a-week-later” urges 🥲

i have this sudden urge to play the ukelele.

note: i do not know how to play the ukelele.

@dexiheart literally sameee.

this toot was inspired by the fact that i’m currently browsing for a birthday gift for my godson.

hmm , remember when indigo/chapters used to be a bookstore…

started watching THE DRAGON PRINCE, & one of the main characters is voiced by the same actor as sokka from ATLA.

but like i can’t unhear sokka & now i want to rewatch ATLA for 219th time instead.

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