forgot that i still had badges for san diego comic-con 2020, & i’m not entirely sure if my refund request made the deadline…

so i guess i’m going to SDCC this year?

@kattdamon mad jelly. i've been on the email list for sdcc 4 e v e r and i've never actually pulled the trigger to go lol

@tychi i’ve only attended 2018 & ‘19 (should have been ‘20 as well, but y’know), & it’s an *experience* lol

rumour has it, that if you’re able to snag a badge for even just one day, your chances of getting badges for the following yearss are much better..

but yeah, i just don’t want to go this year lol (💸✈️😷)

@kattdamon if you go just accept that you will catch covid because it will be a superspreader event

@dexiheart oh for sure, i’m *really* counting on that refund coming through; i definitely won’t be attending this year.

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