redesigning my personal logo for the nth time.

i love it but i also hate it, & then i love it again, & then tf did i even go to school for this for>??

being indecisive is totally part of my personal brand tho so this is fine..


@kattdamon my favorite personal logo was taking a lowercase Century Gothic "y" rotating it 90 degrees and setting it overlapping a circle as a "T".

low-key way to make a minimal logo of "Ty" with a single glyph 😄


@tychi ooh i love it; quirky play on typography like this is my favourite.

recently, i've been messing around with various concepts of cat iconography because, well… kat 👋 lol

@kattdamon well, i had to try and find the logo and found my old design portfolio with it in it...

i'd love to see your cat/kat concepts 👋 😅

@tychi ahh, i would have never thought of something like this—so simple, & so very clever!

& haha sure, hang on while i find these dang cats. it's been a minute since i've actually done any brand design, so it's just as much of a mess as i am 🤣

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