it’s actually hilarious that i’ll officially be in my 30s soon…

like i can't even choose which move my pokémon should forget in order to learn a new one, i'm already an adult goddammit.

@kattdamon I can’t either. I don’t know if someone can.

@Sylvhem even as a child, it *really* stressed me out… which is probably why i'm still so indecisive as an adult now 😂

@kattdamon Same. I could be stuck on that screen for so long 😭.

@kattdamon I'll be there next year and it's still very hard to accept lol

@Eramdam i turn thirty next week, so i’m very much in denial rn 🥲 loool

@kattdamon or like, if evolving is even worth the trade-off of being more powerful but learning new moves takes longer

@tychi yes!! ughh, that just added an extra layer to my anxiety 😂

@kattdamon I'm assuming you've already decided your position on EV training too...

@tychi loool i couldn't even wade into that territory, too much pressure on my little heart 😭

@kattdamon saaaaame. I can't even commit to a lvl 99 anything, let alone raise a GATTACA inspired purebred

@kattdamon naww it's alright I just turned 42 and am def not an adult yet

@tessaracht i'm just going to keep playing pokémon because this whole "adulting" stage all my peers have reached seems less fun 😂

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