logic games are nice because i find them relaxing & they’re also really good at destorying what little confidence i have in my intelligence.


like i feel dumb af so i need to draw out these solutions & lol it’s still not helping..

(you get a cookie if you know what absurd [srsly some of these are getting ridiculous] puzzle game i’m playing)

@WoodPixel @kattdamon there are some sections I abandoned because i just couldn't even puzzle out _how_ to approach the problem.

i like that the game is still beatable by skipping sections, but also feel like i cheated somehow by leaving swaths unfinished.

@tychi @WoodPixel i ditched a lot of the puzzles for this reason, thinking that i’m doing this in the wrong order—like maybe i skipped a section that i should have completed beforehand…?

but i guess because it’s such an open world, it makes sense that you can still progress this way.

…though this makes my skin crawl; the perfectionist in me *needs* to solve every. damn. puzzle.

@kattdamon @WoodPixel when i started playing breath of the wild and learning there were 900 koroks, i hung up my perfectionist hat and was like "you did well. you were great, it's okay to not be the best"

@WoodPixel @tychi haha, this is my usual mindset as well !

rip to all the games i started & left unfinished..

@kattdamon @WoodPixel

before i die, i will finish Mischief Makers on N64, the rest be damned 😂

@tychi @WoodPixel lol before i die, i will finish kingdom hearts I…

which is what i keep telling myself ever since i found out there's a remaster on ps4 (it's been a few years since then) 😂

@WoodPixel @kattdamon

i used to be that way. especially when i got addicted to achievement hunting on xbox 360. but then i realized i wasn't having fun anymore. and then i realized i used to have a lot of fun just goofing off in gta 3 way back when. so then i just started goofing off in every game and quitting when it stopped being fun to just mess around.

@tychi @WoodPixel ughh, i think the achievements are part of my problem. i never used to care about them, but then other people like *super* cared about them, so i did too, & now… i'm doing better though lol 🙃 video games are fun again.

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