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oh, hi—it me, ✌️ i've decided to wander over to my own little universe, satisfaction not guaranteed.

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actually, i thought that maybe i would go ahead & set up a small instance for some friends... but i'm already an adult, so i really don't have that many.

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it’s actually hilarious that i’ll officially be in my 30s soon…

like i can't even choose which move my pokémon should forget in order to learn a new one, i'm already an adult goddammit.

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started watching THE DRAGON PRINCE, & one of the main characters is voiced by the same actor as sokka from ATLA.

but like i can’t unhear sokka & now i want to rewatch ATLA for 219th time instead.

the hitchhiker’s guide to the lake ✌️
…except i panicked a lot & i forgot my towel.

dumb ways to die no.44: someone in your party accidentally leaves a bag of food outside the tent whilst camping in bear country.

wake up in the middle of the night to a bear right next to the tent, grunting-snarling-munching on said forgotten food.

instant panic attack. violent crying. more panic while trying to keep calm & quiet so as not to startle the bear.

tl;dr: i barely slept..

gone camping, it’s pouring rain, & i’m stuck in the tent.

but the cutest little frog has decided to stick itself to the tent screen so i’m happy.

did i just eat a mouldy piece of cheese?
yes, yes i did.

did i see that it was mouldy & still ate it anyway?
that’s one secret i’ll never tell, xoxo gossip girl

oreo thins are what the original oreo *should* have been; they have the perfect cookie to cream ratio,

you cannot fight me on this.

being social is exhausting.

sometimes i just need like a quick break & excuse myself to just hide from people & recharge my batteries.

whywhywh y are gender reveal parties still a thing…

i feel like ppl only pretend to enjoy the taste of alcohol.

my 19yo cousin just asked me why i don’t have a bf, so i’m just going to excuse myself from this entire interaction..

i wanna make love right na na na na na na na na batmaaan 🎵

got my hair cut, & my stylist did it with my hair parted in the middle like the coolkids these days.

but i’m a millennial sidepart bitch, so now when i style my hair like i usually do, one side is slightly longer than the other 🫠

i *cannot* handle smalltalk .

or big talk.
or medium talk.

just don’t talk to me.

is it hot in here, or have i finally descended into hell?

i’m cranky bc the underwire is trying to escape & stab me in the heart but lol jokes on u , i dont have a heart.

gone are the days that i can tolerate wearing a bra for like 8hrs a day..

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