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oh, hi—it me, ✌️ i've decided to wander over to my own little universe, satisfaction not guaranteed.

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this is the v real & professional account of oscar-meyer wiener katt damon.

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it’s actually hilarious that i’ll officially be in my 30s soon…

like i can't even choose which move my pokémon should forget in order to learn a new one, i'm already an adult goddammit.

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i have two tastes in music: taylor swift’s RED era & my chemical romance , there is no inbetween.

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

some #RaspberryPi alternatives for you to consider for your projects (all should be as performant or better):
• Asus Tinker Board:
• Banana Pi:
• Pine64:

them: *incoherent mumbling with the softest voice ever*
me: sorry, could you repeat that?
them: *continued mumble-whispers*
me: *awkward laughing bc i'm too embarassed to ask them to repeat it a third time* oh, i know rightt?

TIL canada actually made it to the world cup?? & they’re playing rn??

lol yay sportsball~!

*system of a down voice* wake up WAKE UP bluh bluh bluh MAKE UP

*periodically glances at the empty mug on my desk to see if it has magically refilled itself with more coffee*

(it hasn’t)

sag horoscope telling me that i plan to be an eligible bachelor until at least 75yo,

except i misread it as "edible bachelor"...

why yes, i am a gd snack.

Day 1 on Mastodon: I am it seems pretty ok I guess?

Day 3 on Mastodon: im now. all fucks to website boy.

*starts my own instance*

*reconnects with long lost friends from places that banned*

i really didn’t enjoy pokémon sword/shield—kinda disappointing, but i just got bored.

…now should i even bother with scarlet/violet?

no no no, the spacebar is making this clicky sound now ughh what have i done...

i stg everytime i change up my keycaps it's like i forget how to type.

one day, i will find the perfect pullover hoodie that i can successfully put on over my glasses.

quickly scrolling through the block recs & i already feel like i need a shower, ughh.

ppl suck.

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