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oh, hi—it me, ✌️ i've decided to wander over to my own little universe, satisfaction not guaranteed.

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actually, i thought that maybe i would go ahead & set up a small instance for some friends... but i'm already an adult, so i really don't have that many.

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ok but your email signature is bigger than your actual email message.

kind regards,

i’m like thiiis close to buying a vinyl cutting machine i don’t need, somebody please stop me..

they look like if i eat them, i'd gain some kind of mutant super powers.

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browsing dice sets (first d&d game upcoming) & they all look like candy, like i really want to eat them…

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@kattdamon turn it off, put it in a bag of rice, leave it in the fridge for three days.

finally updated my phone to ios 15 & thanks i hate it.

*shakes phone vigorously to undo*

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asian toronto millennials this is not a drill:

yes we all saw the tamagotchi and timbits but i appreciate these bits of toronto-ness 🐘

like i feel dumb af so i need to draw out these solutions & lol it’s still not helping..

(you get a cookie if you know what absurd [srsly some of these are getting ridiculous] puzzle game i’m playing)

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logic games are nice because i find them relaxing & they’re also really good at destorying what little confidence i have in my intelligence.

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Does anyone remember Pinterest?

Because I DO, EVERY TIME I look into a search engine image results 🤬

wow i haven't opened up ig in like a week & it's been kind of liberating??/

found an alternative to photoshop , nft bullshit not included.

i have two tastes in music: taylor swift’s RED era & my chemical romance , there is no inbetween.

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switched from linux to osx, just found out about sound for the first time, that shit slaps

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if i middle click on a button on your website and it opens a new tab that says javascript:void(0); i'm literally going to kill you

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Checking if I had "Trump starting a Mastodon server" on my bingo card

waiting more than like 3s for a video to buffer is mildly infuriating , why am i so spoiled…

“We just want to question: do we need these limitations? Who decides what to censor? Instagram censors images and sometimes you don’t even know about it – it’s very untransparent.”

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